Cloud Oriented

The ability to quickly deploy and run the broker as a container image


The ability to run a kubernetes native container on kubernetes


An Operator based solution to enable day to day management of the kubernetes deployment


A suite of examples to demonstrate each feature


Continuous integration and deployment to quickly develop and test new features


What is ArtemisCloud

ArtemisCloud is a collection of container images that leverages Kubernetes to deploy the Apache ActiveMQ Artemis Broker. Apache ActiveMQ Artemis is a multi protocol message broker that is hosted at Apache as part of the ActiveMQ umbrella. For more on the Apache Artemis Broker take a look at the documentation.

The ArtemisCloud container images include a kubernetes Operator that allows you to deploy the Broker with various deployment configurations easily on either kubernetes or OpenShift

Getting Started

Quickly deploy a basic Container image that runs the broker Blog post

Try deploying the broker using the ArtemisCloud Kubenetes Operator Blog Post

Find out how you can be part of the ArtemisCloud community here