Building the operator

General environment requirements

A kubernetes cluster

Currently the operator is tested against kubernetes v1.25 and above. You can install a Minikube or a CodeReady Containers(CRC) to deploy the operator.


Current version being used is v23.0.3. Checkout this page for help on installing docker on your specific operating system.

Go v1.19

Install Go version v1.19 following this guide.

operator-sdk v1.28.0

Install operator-sdk following this guide.

Get the code

git clone
cd activemq-artemis-operator
git checkout main

Building the code locally



make build

Building the operator image

There are 2 variables you may need to override in order to push the images to your preferred registry.

OPERATOR_IMAGE_REPO (your preferred image registry name, for example


OPERATOR_VERSION (the image's tag, for example v1.1)

Now build the image passing the variables

make OPERATOR_IMAGE_REPO=<your repo> OPERATOR_VERSION=<tag> docker-build

If finished sucessfully it will print the image url in the end. The image url is like


Push the image to registry

docker push ${OPERATOR_IMAGE_REPO}:${TAG}

or use the make target docker-push

make OPERATOR_IMAGE_REPO=<your repo> OPERATOR_VERSION=<tag> docker-push

Now follow the quickstart to deploy the operator.